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Zane's Teal Kitchen Allergy Walk


What's up #TealGang?!! It's Zane! 

My name is Zane, I'm a 13 year old kid, that enjoys creating delicious, fun and allergy friendly foods for kids and families to enjoy!


When I was six weeks old my family discovered that I have multiple food allergies. Since then, I've grown up learning how to cook fun and tasty foods that are safe for me to eat. 


I believe it is really empowering for kids with food allergies to know how to prepare foods for themselves that they enjoy! I want to share with food allergy families that , we are not limited to the food options that are available to us. Eating foods that are delicious, traditional, and safe are only one recipe away.


 So whether you have food allergies, know someone with food allergies, or just a foodie at heart;  there is something for you to enjoy from Zane's Teal Kitchen.


Later #TealGang, 



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