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3 Must Haves living with Food Allergies

When you have food allergies, it means that you must be super careful about what you put in your body and also the things that you touch at all times. This can make things complicated sometimes.😏

➡️: Here are my TOP 3 must-haves at all times that make my life easier!

1. I never leave the house without TWO epi-pens. I’ve had food allergies for 13 years and I know how to stay safe, but unexpected things can happen at any time so it’s important I never let my guard down.

2. Disinfectant wipes. I think the FA community can all relate. Way before the Pandemic we’ve had to constantly wipe down surfaces, especially in public spaces like restaurants and movie theaters to avoid any food residue that may have been left behind.

3. Snacks! By far the hardest thing about having food allergies for me is being away from home and not having the convenience of eating out at a restaurant, fast food establishment or even at a friend/family member’s house. I always have to make sure I keep snacks with me at all times to avoid getting hungry while I’m away from home.

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