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Growing up Allergic

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I have had multiple food allergies my entire life. With that being said, I like to think that I am a pretty normal 9 year kid that enjoy most things kids my age enjoy like: playing outside, video games, drawing, dancing and spending time with my family.

Zane, 3 years old, at doctor's office for annual allergy testing

I don't consider my food allergies as this big burden like most people without food allergies expect. Sure, it can get tricky to manage my allergies when away from home, but I've learned to improvise and learn the importance of always having a plan. I choose to not let my food allergies decide what I am able to enjoy or even be a part of; instead I find new ways to navigate those obstacles and create my own path.

So in short, I've discovered the bright side of my allergies like: I'm a pretty healthy eater, having allergies has lead me to be very creative and responsible, and when you're fighting everyday of your life just to be safe;

you learn to become very resilient.

Zane, 3 years old enjoying a safe allergy friendly dinner

I hope no one ever has pity for me being a food allergy kid, because I will literally turn these so called lemons into the best allergy friendly lemonade recipe you've ever tasted.


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