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Lemons into Lemonade

Have you ever heard the phrase "...turn lemons into lemonade." ? I think that's what I've been doing my whole life. Turning lemons into lemonade to me means having something sour, maybe not so good on its own but if you blend it with just the right ingredients you can really make it sweet and tasty.

Being a food allergy kid as you know, comes with many great obstacles, probably more than the non-food allergic person could imagine. But I do not spend much time dwelling on the lemons. I like to think of creative solutions to make lemonade.

In my ten years of life, here are the lemonade lessons I've learned so far:

Lemon: Can't eat the most popular snacks in school like: Takis, Cheetos, Lunchables, peanut candy bars.

Lemonade: I can eat fruits, veggies, and snacks from many food allergy aware companies. I overall have a healthier diet.

Lemon: Not being able to eat from restaurants conveniently.

Lemonade: I've learned how to cook my own versions of allergy friendly foods for myself.

Lemon: I can not eat anything that is offered to me at birthday parties, school, family gatherings.

Lemonade: I've become responsible about reading labels, ingredients, and being observant of my surroundings.

I think everyone has things in life that makes them stronger and more resilient, having food allergies just so happen to be my thing in life and I'm okay with that.

I raise my tall glass of lemonade and say CHEERS *clink*


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